A Night as a Traveler in Barcelona

This is an estimate time frame of the sequence of events that happen one night in Barcelona. Note the exact hour is only an estimate of when these events occurred. First, because you have no concept of time when you are traveling. 1pm is the same thing as 9pm. And with the long summer days with sunset around 9pm, night and day  fuse together, Second, exact order nor the exact hour of the event is not important. At the end, the event itself and that it occurred is what is important.

Sometime between 1pm-6pm: you arrive about an hour later than the time you planned on meeting a new friend. Shit, didn’t realize it was so far! and we walked all the way here and don’t like to use maps so spend additional time asking people how to get to the place you agreed upon with a friend. luckily, this friend isn’t even mad you show up an hour late cuz she was late as well from being distracted from a conversation she had with her bunkmate at her hostal. You are finally together and head to the beach. and depending on how long you’ve been in Europe, you decide on this great freedom of topless tanning. 25 years of boobies shun in the dark, make sure to use sunblock. There’s still a bit of shyness. But there’s a 70 yr old grandmother wrinkled like a grape comfortably showing off her natural goods. Might as well enjoy this tanning freedom while the body is at its prime, right? Some napping occurs. Then a rinse and a dry off. Then hunger comes calling. You walk around and find the cheapest option- which of course means it’s a place you cant sit to eat so you eat your dinner in a plaza on a bench of a fountain overlooking a gothic looking church.

Sometime between 6p-8pm : you end up in a dark and sketchy narrow street, enter a bar between the hours of 6pm or 8pm ( no concept if exact time when on vacation) to charge your phone .you leave the bar around 3am with more people than you came in with, including the bartender who just gave you fernet For free because you happen to be 3 South American solo travelers and first time in Europe. Sometime around 3 or 4 am you end up dancing Afrobeat at another bar with new people who are From a city in another country and bond over having been just there. but really you are thinking this a conspiracy because of all the French people in France all of them are from the one small town in France that you had an intense romance. a short-lived but passionate romance that started in the town of Montpelier, culminated in a park overlooking the Mediterranean sea, and ended dramatically at a train station at midnight in Barcelona.

Now it’s around 5am or 6am and you have no hostal or where to sleep but in a couple of hours, you have to work. No worries, the beach is close and there’s plenty of benches in the plazas. But your computer is in another city. And your backpack is in another —La rumba de Barcelona!


About Michelle Estefanía Cruz

I’m Chicago-Raised, Quito-Born. Petite Cumbiera with Samba Soul currently in Brazil. Una Viajera who writes in Spanglish cuz my mind is split between both hemispheres and hyphens. @funkysudaka
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