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I’m Chicago-Raised, Quito-Born. Petite Cumbiera with Samba Soul currently in Brazil. Una Viajera who writes in Spanglish cuz my mind is split between both hemispheres and hyphens. @funkysudaka

Let us write the Chapters between us

This is just a process of collecting stories from real life to keep us entertained when we are old. I don’t want to run out of stories to tell you or repeat the same ones. let me live and have … Continue reading

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The favela that raised two Olympic Champions

It takes a village to raise a child (and  an Olympian).  Favelas are no  exception  to the testament  of community will, personal perseverance and  social transformation. Here’s the story behind the medals of two Olympic boxers from Vidigal whose paths … Continue reading

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You know you’ve lived in Quito when…

Where off to next this weekend? Beach? Cloud Forest? Amazon? Climb some Volcanoes?. You know you´ve lived in Quito when…  your local neighborhood shop owners have all the same name- El veci or La veci After 2am, your alcohol run … Continue reading

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Let me go, I need to find myself

That’s the translated title of  Brazilian singer Cartola’s song Preciso Me encontrar ( I need to find myself). Letting go of someone you love, letting go of familiarity, letting go of your comfort zone  to go find yourself is letting go … Continue reading

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What is the best option for getting around Rio? Here are some options with the transit options available.

Budget Hacks for  Getting yourself around Rio during the Olympics with public transportation.    Let’s start with a  Map These are the zones for the Olympic Games: This is the transit Map   Transit Passes: Rio Carioca vs RioCard RioCard, … Continue reading

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10 songs for when you have Saudade of Bahia

Here’s the soundtrack of songs capturing the Axe of Bahia ( positive vibes ) to listen to when you are no longer in Bahia and Saudades kick-in of those times, places, and people of the magical place that is Bahia, … Continue reading

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Coping in times of perplexity from a Brazilian Portuguese word with a Slave past

A head rub, a caress, a head massage, tenderness, affection. There isn’t one word in English or Spanish I can find to properly translate this Brazilian Portuguese word cafuné . The best description to  describe cafuné in English is  ” running your … Continue reading

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For the Women with Balls Who Do Give a Fuck

This one is for you. For the dream seekers and the rebels, the ones who not only don’t fit into the mold—they fucking break it as well. This is for the women who do give a fuck. We give a … Continue reading

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The Story of Samba Wallet

Samba Wallet goes around your arm as an essential incognito anti-theft travel wallet. It carries your basic goods: cash, credit cards, bus cards, keys The Samba Wallet is  the creation   of a female on a self-journey  through traveling South … Continue reading

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Te Amo Mas preciso Ir, Salvador da Bahia

I arrived in Rio de Janeiro for the first time in 2013. Parting ways was like leaving a first love. I knew I had to work on myself and needed to first live in Ecuador to figure out me. I … Continue reading

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