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Ecuador como una Pagina de ‘1984’ de Orwell

Hoy,  David Mármol,  un activista de la causa de Yasuni fue detenido  por haber hecho la señal de pulgar abajo a funcionarios públicos.  Aunque esto suena completamente ridículo a los de afuera del país, para nosotros ya no suena como algo … Continue reading

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hello censorship

Judge Hilda Yolanda Garcés Dávila has signed a decree prohibiting any sort of diffusion through any media forms of a controversial book “Una tragedia ocultada” that exposes the details of the recent deaths of various members of an indigenous tribe in … Continue reading

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To Drill or Not to Drill: A developing country´s dilemma of sitting on Oil underneath an ecological wonder

To enter the Yasuni National Park you must enter through canoes so not to interrupt the natural ecosystem. It has more plant species in its million hectares than the entire continent of North America and is nicknamed “the lungs of … Continue reading

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Latin American Politics thru a Cartoon

Parody of Latin American presidents, thanks to Isla Presidencial on Youtube

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Chevron is found G-U-I-L-T-Y (20 years later) of Oil Pollution in Ecuador

After two decades in legal battles, the  Ecuadorian court has found Chevron G-U-I-L-T-Y of pollution charges that included 18 billion gallons of toxins released into water supply into the Amazon, home of indigenous populations.  It’s truly a A David vs … Continue reading

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