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The favela that raised two Olympic Champions

It takes a village to raise a child (and  an Olympian).  Favelas are no  exception  to the testament  of community will, personal perseverance and  social transformation. Here’s the story behind the medals of two Olympic boxers from Vidigal whose paths … Continue reading

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What is the best option for getting around Rio? Here are some options with the transit options available.

Budget Hacks for  Getting yourself around Rio during the Olympics with public transportation.    Let’s start with a  Map These are the zones for the Olympic Games: This is the transit Map   Transit Passes: Rio Carioca vs RioCard RioCard, … Continue reading

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10 songs for when you have Saudade of Bahia

Here’s the soundtrack of songs capturing the Axe of Bahia ( positive vibes ) to listen to when you are no longer in Bahia and Saudades kick-in of those times, places, and people of the magical place that is Bahia, … Continue reading

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Coping in times of perplexity from a Brazilian Portuguese word with a Slave past

A head rub, a caress, a head massage, tenderness, affection. There isn’t one word in English or Spanish I can find to properly translate this Brazilian Portuguese word cafuné . The best description to  describe cafuné in English is  ” running your … Continue reading

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My-So-Called-Brazilian Life

 The ups-and-downs and just plainly the strange things that happen when you live in Brazil. The psychological pressure of living in Brazil can sometimes be good, a way to strengthen character , I’d say. You get to the point that … Continue reading

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One year without a haircut and a paycheck.

Somewhere in-between  of doing the endless tasks, I woke up today thinking about financials and adult life. My birthday is due, I will turn 27 and will go from the mid-twenties to the late twenties with a simple change in … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s day to my lover, Salvador da Bahia.

Like love, each city is as different as each lover and partner. And as  with each  lover, you  learn something unique about them and yourself, but most importantly, you learn about love. You have The lover, the rebound, the first … Continue reading

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Eva,72,Solo backpacker, grandma, and artist.

Eva is 72 years old although her couchsurfing profile says 62 (as a recommendation from her granddaughter who thought people would be less likely to host her because of her age.) She’s been backpacking solo around the world ,escaping the … Continue reading

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Music Soundtrack of Jericoacoara, Brazil

If movies can have soundtracks  to capture the mood, why not have a soundtrack for  towns? These are the songs that help to paint the reality and set the mood of this beach paradise. With each tune it will bring … Continue reading

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Why You Should teach your kids Brazilian Music rather than Lullabies

So to conclude, you should teach your young children good music from the beginning. Start with Brazilian music.
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