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Community space in Latin America and the U.S: McDonalds vs Plaza

If you have been to a McDonald’s you will notice, its tables are not just filled with hungry customers.  In lower-income neighborhoods, its common to see old folks hanging out sipping on coffee. The guardian has published an insightful article … Continue reading

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Easter, the Zombie Story

Easter is a celebration of the death and resurrection of a man named Jesus. He was murdered and on the third day came back to life.Outside of the faith of Christianity, this can seem as if its a story of … Continue reading

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One year without a haircut and a paycheck.

Somewhere in-between  of doing the endless tasks, I woke up today thinking about financials and adult life. My birthday is due, I will turn 27 and will go from the mid-twenties to the late twenties with a simple change in … Continue reading

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Antes de Irme

Quiero Conocer cada esquina tuya  como  saber la ubicación exacta de cada lunar del cuerpo de un amante  Amanecer con la vista de tus montañas afrente mío como despertar cara a cara Saber tus dichos y doble sentidos Andar por … Continue reading

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Ecuador como una Pagina de ‘1984’ de Orwell

Hoy,  David Mármol,  un activista de la causa de Yasuni fue detenido  por haber hecho la señal de pulgar abajo a funcionarios públicos.  Aunque esto suena completamente ridículo a los de afuera del país, para nosotros ya no suena como algo … Continue reading

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Looking out to the Amazon

in the middle of a town near to Tena, Ecuador and an hour hike into the middle of the rainforest and crystal-clear river, I found a Naturally-built pond. The most scenic swim of my life.

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Un Domingo en Quito/ A Sunday in Quito

Andar en Bici por todo la ciudad de Quito, pasando gente haciendo ejercicios con música alta en el Parque de La Carolina. Después parar en el mercado para hacer compras. Verduras y frutas en cantidad. En el mercado se encuentra … Continue reading

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Montañita: “Whatever Happens Here Stays Here”

The most popular beach of Ecuador hands down goes to Montañita.  It attracts a mass of international surfers, artisans,backpackers, and those looking for a good time. It has a certain Las Vegas mentality of “whatever happens here stays here”. Music booms … Continue reading

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hello censorship

Judge Hilda Yolanda Garcés Dávila has signed a decree prohibiting any sort of diffusion through any media forms of a controversial book “Una tragedia ocultada” that exposes the details of the recent deaths of various members of an indigenous tribe in … Continue reading

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La Fanesca Musical de Los Swing Original Monks

When we first saw them live they got on stage and opened as “ We are from San Francisco ….. de QUITO!!!”. The musical proyect born in Quito is now spreading internationally with the expectation to be the Bomba Estereo … Continue reading

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