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My-So-Called-Brazilian Life

 The ups-and-downs and just plainly the strange things that happen when you live in Brazil. The psychological pressure of living in Brazil can sometimes be good, a way to strengthen character , I’d say. You get to the point that … Continue reading

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One year without a haircut and a paycheck.

Somewhere in-between  of doing the endless tasks, I woke up today thinking about financials and adult life. My birthday is due, I will turn 27 and will go from the mid-twenties to the late twenties with a simple change in … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s day to my lover, Salvador da Bahia.

Like love, each city is as different as each lover and partner. And as  with each  lover, you  learn something unique about them and yourself, but most importantly, you learn about love. You have The lover, the rebound, the first … Continue reading

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Why You Should teach your kids Brazilian Music rather than Lullabies

So to conclude, you should teach your young children good music from the beginning. Start with Brazilian music.
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Scuba Steve in Salvador da Bahia

It’s around midnight in Salvador on a weekday night. Barely any traffic on Salvador’s busy urban boulevard. But in the walkway , a middle-aged man walking through the park in full scuba gear-full wet suit, flippers , goggles, and holding … Continue reading

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Welcome to Brazil: The First 24hrs

Llegar a Brasil: aterrizas en el aeropuerto, vas al baño y la limpiadora canta una canción bossa nova. Preguntas para direcciones y te lleva personalmente a la parada de bus. Llegas a la parada de bus, y el conductor te … Continue reading

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